My Racing Story

How I got into racing: My dad previously had a spell in Hotrods, then raced in the Fiesta and then Formula Renault championships. But losing the sight in his left eye to a wheel bearing and chisel fight at work, he was forced to surrender his race licence.


However, this led my dad taking me to watch a kart race at Blackbushe kart circuit and straight away I knew I wanted to do that! I was 7 yrs then and a week later my dad bought me a bambino kart. He took me to car parks to get used to driving it and after a few go’s in the kart dad took me back to Blackbushe to practice.

As I got used to the bambino kart I quickly outgrew it and dad bought me a faster Cadet kart to practice in. When I was 8yrs I took my arks test to get my racing licence! I passed the test first time and began to race on my novice plates. Once the novice plates came off after 6 completed races I began to race the experienced guys and was in the Cadets group – Louis Hamilton was a former member and occasionally came to watch us race.


Dad took me racing at Rye House and Buckmore Park and other tracks. After doing well in the races and gaining experience my dad then suggested I compete in national karting – the highest level of kart racing in the UK. I joined a team called Fusion Motorsport who helped me test and improve my racing skills. I started to compete in Stars of Tomorrow and Super One in the Comer Cadets British championships.

In 2007 my first year racing, we had a great season and I was seeded 15th in Stars of Tomorrow and 14th in Super One! This was great as it was my first year and I was one of the very youngest.

In 2008, my second year I was even more successful and seeded 6th in the British Championship. Being still only 11 years old I was the strong favourite for the upcoming 2009 British Championship title.

But sadly before the season started in 2009 with my parents going through a divorce and my Dad’s garage business going through tough times in the recession put me out of karting for a few years.

By the time my dad’s circumstances were starting to improve I’d now turned 14 . I completed a few races in the Fiesta Junior Championship and got a few podiums and a win.

My dad was funding my racing himself as well as tuning and keeping my kart on top form. But, due to money issues I couldn’t completed a full season and had to stop racing for a few years.

At 17yrs I completed my mechanics course at Brooklands College with distinction and went to work at McLaren’s hand building their sports road cars. At 18yrs I was promoted to Team Leader. Working full time I used my salary to help restart my racing.

2016 – I have completed my first full season in car racing! My dad and I rebuilt a 2 litre Fiesta racing car and I signed up to Quaife Fiesta Championship. It took a few laps to shake of the cobwebs and to get the car dialled in and get to know all the tracks ready for 2017.


My last time out in 2016 was at Brands Hatch in October. Qualifying didn’t go to plan and I was 9th on the grid for the first race. I had a great start and finished with a trophy on the podium in 3rd place with a bent rear axel after being shunted in the race. However, it was a great race and I gained more championship points.

In the second race, I was 9th again on the grid and had a good start gaining on those in front. But two laps in, my wheel bearing collapsed and I had to retire from that race. I was very disappointed but that was the first time all season I had a DNF (Did Not Finish)!

My championship points led me to being was placed 4th. Not a bad ending to my first full season in Quaife Fiesta Championships.

I am now looking forward to 2017 racing season.

NB: None of this could have happened without the support and love of my dad. He has been behind me all the way. We are the only team in the championship leaders with just a team of two – me the driver and my dad the mechanic. Without my dad I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to drive and he is without doubt the best mechanic ever.

I am now working for my dad in his garage, Avantec in Aldershot, carrying on the business he set up when he wasn’t much older than me. Tenacity runs in our family.

Every race weekend I compete I’m forever grateful to have this opportunity to live my dreams. I love you dad, I know without your relentless love and support I wouldn’t be racing.